Ultimate 1000 Lift

A top quality, dependable body lift for your funeral home, mortuary, forensic facility or hospital.

For over 50 years, the Mortuary Lift Company has produced top quality body lifts for a range of industries. Their flagship Ultimate 1000 Lift, alongside its track systems, continue to serve the funeral industry for decades. TekEquipment are proud to be the exclusive supplier of this piece of prep-room engineering, adaptable for a number of idnustries - ranging from mortuary & funeral home, to forensic applications.

The Ultimate 1000 Lift takes the effort out of lifting. Moving and dressing remains can be done by only one person, free of potential strains or stresses, and without any breaks in productivity. No specialised tools are needed, no time is wasted for changing parts, and with the track system and retractable straps, no dangling pieces of equipment in your workspace.

  • 450kg lift capacity
  • Lifts remains, casket and more
  • Assists in dressing remains
  • Reduces labour cost - only one person required for operation
  • Custom track system
  • Lifts unembalmed and embalmed
  • Straps offer maximum range for lifting floor to ceiling
  • Easy to clean hygienic design
  • Built to last a lifetime
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Ask us about adding a portable gantry for mobile use.


Pendant sleeves are available for a cleaner system.

The Ultimate 1000 Body Lift comes with the following:

  • Nylon Lifting Straps – Used to raise and lower the remains for preparation or dressing, made from military grade webbing for strength and longevity.
  • Glidetec Body Straps – 90cm slick plastic straps that slide under the remains, with low friction and high amounts of flexibility.
  • Head Sling – A flexible, plastic coated sling that cradles the head for a stable transfer.
  • Casket Straps – Heavy duty nylon straps for lifting caskets, coffins or for the bariatric (over 180kgs)


  • Integrated Load Scale – Streamlines the weighing process and conserves valuable floor space.
  • Freedom Pivot – Enables the lift to rotate up to 180 degrees, with the option to operate perpendicular to the above track.
  • Cordless Remote – Operate the lift from anywhere within the room.

   Ceiling Mounted Body Lifter      Forensic Body Lifter

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Ask us about our track mounting solutions to make the most of the dependable Ultimate 1000 Body Lift.