Embalming Instruments

Stainless Steel Embalming Instruments

By Instrument Design Mfg Co, a specialised manufacturer of embalming instruments & related products. The components are constructed from stainless steel while remaining corrosion resistant.

• Arterial, Drain & Nasal Tubes
• Valves & Manifolds
• Injector Needles
• Hydro & Post Aspirators
• Shafts & Washers
• Trocars

Vacua Hydro Aspirator

  • Back Flush Valve
  • Standard Hose Thread Connection
  • ASSE 1011 Backflow Preventer
  • Replaceable Venturi
  • Optional Quick Discconect + 12.5cm extension
  • Quick Connect Inlet Tube
  • Replacement Backflow Preventer
  • Hydro Asirator Extension
  • 1/2” Pipe to Hose Adapter




Available in 3/8” & 5/16” diameters, these trocars features stainless steel tubing & fittings, providing an all round smooth surface making it easier for clots and fatty tisue to pass through without clogging. The trocar points feature precision machined threads, clean see through slots & sharp uniform edges and points.

  • Precision hardened trocar point
  • Easy to remove safety cap
  • Lightweight, high performance grip
  • Removable slip hub
  • Different lengths available

Injector Needle Driver

The patented Injector Needle Driver™, the first needle driver of its kind. It features a full comfortable hand grip, stainless steel nose, powerful driving action and a hands free spring clip to keep Injector Needles securely in place.

  • Lightweight aluminium handle with large pull grip
  • Delrin Barrel with adjustable force
  • Spring clip to retain needle
  • Dependable trigger action
Injector Needles are available separately, in brass or steel.

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Ceiling Mounted Hose

Also available is a ceiling mounted hose, designed to make the washing & embalming process easier.

  • Automatic hose reel, cast aluminium drum with swivelling outlet strip
  • Rapid-SCS controlled reeling technology
  • Multiple detents per round
  • Max. Pressure 12 Bar / 170 PSI @ 20oC
  • Includes 20 metres of NPS 12 hose, buffer, spray head with threaded connection, brass safety coupling


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