Temporary Mortuary Container

A temporary mortuary setup, with refrigerated container & custom internal racking.

For a quick setup, TekEquipment can set up a portable mortuary to help ease the load of your facility. Fully OH&S compliant, our setups are packed with features, while being easy to setup and maintain as well as being energy efficient. TekEquipment coordinates the installation, setup & servicing for the lifetime of your temporary mortuary.

temporary mortuary

Inside temporary mortuary

Features Included:

  • Flat floors with safety grip.
  • Custom ramps for smooth trolley access. 
  • Easy opening exterior access doors. 
  • Internal safety door release machanism and ‘Person Trapped’ alarm. 
  • Sliding strip curtains for temperature control. 
  • LED Flourescent internal lighting. 
  • Thermo King ‘Magnum Plus’cooling unit. 
  • In-built economy setting for minimal power consumption. 
  • 15-metercable & 3-phase 5-pin plug with earth and neutral provided (32A) - Power supply required

Customisation Available:

  • Containers allow for a combination of fitouts & trolleys (4 to 6)
  • Body tray capacity up to 18
  • Installation of container coordinated, including onsite levelling
  • Installation of racking & trays
  • Post installation servicing

Each container contains the following items:

Stainless steel mortuary racking Stainless steel Mortuary trolley Stainless steel Mortuary body tray

  • Mobile Racking Column - 4 roller deck levels


  • Variable height mortuary trolley

    HTW 50/130

  • Stainless Steel Body trays



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Inside TekEquipment temporary mortuary

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