PathLite Digital Micro Imaging

The Cirdan Pathlite is a macro imaging system designed specifically for clinical laboratories.

A purpose built macro imaging system designed specifically for the pathology industry, the Cirdan Pathlite is built by imaging & technology experts to make your job streamlined & easier. Take photographs of specimens at a high quality, and be able to do whatever you need to do – share, annotate, archive, measure or access. Being lightweight, it can be placed exactly in the right position.

Save time and improve productivity with the preloaded VividPath software, while enhancing accuracy and reducing the risk of costly errors, by removing the need for complicated text descriptions and/or rough drawings. Data is easy to access, share and is fully traceable, to ensure compliance with the best practices.

Key Features

• High resolution - 20x optical magnification ensures the picture quality you need.
• LED lighting – built in for consistent image quality even in badly lit laboratories.
• Glare removal – polarisation filters to reduce/remove glare from wet specimens.
• 1-touch calibration – takes under a minute and no need to recalibrate. Ensures
reliable measurement at all zoom levels.
• Selection of user friendly control interfaces – touch screen, keyboard, mouse,
foot pedal.
• Full range of medical grade accessories, including 17” touch screen PC.
• DICOM Compliant Imaging as standard.
• LIMS/LIS and PACS integration.


Download Data Sheet

This can be an add-on for our range of Kugel grossing tables, to enhance your laboratory’s effectiveness & efficiency.

   Cirdan Pathlite on GP Workstation