Re-Circulating Ventilation Systems

Eco-Line Sample Preparation Station

Laboratory table with table plate made of high pressure laminate, perforated working area, and active-carbon recirculation system.

  • Table plate made of eco-friendly high pressure laminate.
  • Surfaces can be individually colour-matched with any corporate identity.
  • High Pressure laminate plates are coated with antimicrobial Sanitized coating with silver ions which kill 99.9% of bacteria within 24 hours.
  • C-shaped base-frame allows for superior leg room while working.
  • Harmful vapours are vacuumed downwards thoughout the entire working area via perforated working area.
  • Active-carbon air recirculation system is placed under the laboratory table. An integrated permanganate carbon filter purifies the contaminated air and directs clean air back to the working space. This allows for approxmately 800 working hours before filter replacement.
  • Customer supplied ventilation is not necessary with this setup.
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Mobile Recirculated Active Carbon Air System

Suitable for down-draft grossing tables. Solid stainless steel housing with four swivel and lock-able wheels. Access panel at the upper front for easy access to all filters and exhaust fan. Rear features exhaust air grid and filter fleece. The filter cartridge can be easily replaced through the access panel.

Activated carbon filter with potassium permanganate, cylindrical form with galvanized steel housing.

  • Max. work temperature: +80°C
  • Max. relative humidity: 70%
  • Max. air flow: approx 750m³/h
  • Level of noise: approx. 55db
Also available in 1000m³/h model: AK-ULS-1000-F