Formalin Disposal


Formalin Neutralizing:

User and Environment Friendly Solution in Formaldehyde Waste Management Integrated Venitlation System

Within the entire work surface, air is ventilated downward, allowing harmful vapour to be absorbed optimally. This can be connected to the customers exhaust air-system.

Complete construction is made of ground stainless steel (material no. 1.4301 - ANSI 304)


  • Base frame has three hinged front doors with edged-on strip handles. Also three-dimensional adjustable door panels
  • Within liquid perforated plates area is a removable inlayed grading screen (with flap mechanism) to separate liquid substances from solids
  • On the left is a seamless welded basis 400 x 400 x 200mm with standpipe valve
  • Basin with integrated ventilation system with right or left side option
  • Mixing tap with hand sprinkler
  • Very stable perforated working plates (approx. 10mm lower than the circumferential edging, perforation D17, T60
  • Exhaust air capacity with the perforated working surface mic 0.4 m/sec
  • Integrated connecting pieces with flow rate regulation
  • Integrated sprinkler system below perforated working plates with regulating valve
  • Connecting pieces for exhaust air with right or left side option

Different dimensions are available upon request


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