The Stepper






An electric stair climber that’s a must for your funeral home.

The Stepper your second attendant. Removing the need to move the deceased up and down flights of stairs, The Stepper climbs and descends with ease, taking away any potential strains. With a folding handle, a sturdy frame and microcellular wheels, the device is not only strong enough to meet your expectations, it’s also easily maneuverable across all kinds of surfaces and spaces.

  • 170kg weight capacity
  • Dimensions – 30 x 50 x 200cm
  • Whole system weighs 25kg
  • Tips back to load into vehicles, with a load height for 55 to 83cm
  • Comes with the QuickStand, a 2 stage prop stand
  • Options include body pouch, car battery charger, extra battery & extra straps

The Process is straightforward!

  • Starting from horizontal, lift with the legs to Phase 2
  • Then, use the bicepts to lift The Stepper to Phase 3
  • Now you call roll without carrying the load!
how to use MLC stepper

The Stepper comes with the following:

  • BodyGlide board – Made from HDPE plastic, with multiple holes allowing for different strapping configurations.
  • 2 Sets of Straps – Adjustable seat belts specifically designed for The Stepper.
  • Battery – 24VDC battery with dedicated charger.


  • Car Charger – For on-the-go charging, which plugs into the cigarette lighter.
  • Body Pouch – A body bag made out of ballistic nylon, specifically designed for The Stepper.

Ask us for more info about The Stepper.

Download the Flyer HERE