Formalin Dispensing


Formalin Dispensing: The First Fully Automated Formalin Preparation & Dispensing Device

Provides a Safe and Healthy Work Environment, with Accurate and Easy Dosing

User Safety

Do not inhale formaldehyde, it is a carcinogenic substance and contact should be avoided.

Patient Safety

Provides stable results due to the preparation of formalin in the right amount every time.

Business Burden Reduction

You can leave the preparation of the formalin and let the device do the work for you.

Significant reduction in costs

Significantly reduce the costs of concentrated formaldehyde by purchasing in bulk.


  • Obtains formal directly from the tap
  • Screen display shows the amount of volume of formaldehyde remaining in an online follow up.
  • Prepares accurate proportions of solution
  • Ability to choose powder or ready to use solution to prepare the buffered formalin
  • Cautions are provided both visually and via audio when formaldehyde reduces and/or runs out
  • Automatic and manual fixing function
  • Date and time display function
  • Tank cleaning function
  • Central ventilation system ready to connect
  • User-friendly key pad and display
  • Ability to set your own formalin preparation options, or use 10% factory settings
  • Automatic mixing function, which prevents formation of the sediment welded from formalin sitting to long
  • Integrated uninterruptible power supply
  • Optional stainless steel case




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