Concealment Mortuary Trolleys

HTW 50/130-CF-FO-UP-2100: Motorised Concealment Mortuary Trolley

  • The transport trolley designed is to meet the needs of retrieving and transporting deceased between the ward and mortuary
  • Height adjustability allows the trolley height to be adjusted for optimal transfer
  • An easy to use folding frame that can be neatly stored in the down position
  • Is provided with a light grey PVC cover that fits loosely over the frame for privacy and concealment
  • The trolley can be fitted with a variety of top decks to suit the needs of the users; these include roller systems (suitable for roll on body trays), wet top fixed trays and flat tops
  • FAT-HTW-24V on-board drive unit and 200mm wheels makes the concealment trolley extremely easy to manoeuvre
  • Available in standard, bariatric, and extra large frame sizes
  • Powder coated or stainless steel construction
  • Motorised tray/coffin loader for 'hands free' operation
  • Matching racking systems (including trays) also available

Download Data sheet